Friday, June 14, 2013

IDEEN Collection is now on Etsy!


* Sold out refers to the "FABRIC" ... designs are always available. Questions or comments: Check us out on etsy: *The "Ombre" and "Spring Fling" are both sold out!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

iDEEN Collections Presents...CHERRY BLOSSOM ...

 Our very first clothing line consisting of 6 TRENDY YET MODEST spring looks for all you beautiful ladies out there just waiting to make a statement!!!!!! To the left you will find additional detailed photos of each garment. For questions/concerns/to place an order, send me a message:; For comment: leave them on the blog (: Thank you soooo much for visiting our blog. We hope you love what you see and continue coming back for more!!! xoxo iDEEN with love...


#5-The: OMBRE



#2-The: FLORAL


iDEEN Collections (mini) Clothing line: CHERRY BLOSSOM

Saturday, April 27, 2013

CHERRY BLOSSOM (mini) LINE: Floral "maxi" jilbab

CHERRY BLOSSOM (mini) LINE:Cherry blossom "maxi" jilbab

FORMAL WEAR: Peach jilbab with ruffles on front

FORMAL WEAR: Brown layered jilbab

FORMAL WEAR: Cream Lace covered jilbab

FORMAL WEAR: Color Blocked Jilbab...gotta love it...

FORMAL WEAR: Black and silver jilbab

BRIDAL WEAR: Robe inspired coverup

BRIDAL WEAR: Samuri inspired coverup


BRIDAL WEAR: Crossover coverup

BRIDAL WEAR: Overgarment/coverup

In all of the bridal photos from the show, iDEEN Collection made the overgarments/coverups for each (lenga) indian style bridal gown.

BUSINESS WEAR: "Upcycled Shirt" jilbab

BUSINESS WEAR: Upcycled Shirt Jilbab

Up-cycling is taking a completed garment and adding on to it, or transforming it into something else. In this photo a dress shirt is being up-cycled to create a "business like"  jilbab...perfect for the office!

BUSINESS WEAR: White and black "shirt" jilbab with matching pants

BUSINESS WEAR: White "shirt" jilbab