Thursday, December 13, 2012

Striped Maxi Jilbab with collar nacklace

Wearing a maxi Jilbab with a fabric collar necklace I "DIYed"; a "bow obsessed" hijab, and Handmade knitted hat. For my bottoms (even though you cant see them, and yes that was intentional lol) I have on purple skinnies and a pair of chucks... iDEEN aspires to meet the fashion needs of many! This Jilbab is styled with a youthful edge. We will soon be doing outfit ideas or "how to style iDEEN wear" Do you think you might want to see something like that, maybe as an outfit of the day? Who thinks the hat should go or stay?? Would you like to know how I made this collar??? Let me know ...and ask yourself one more question...APPALL OR APPEAL????
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